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Amateur Film Score 2013-2023 - Jimmy Pierce


A collection of all the random pieces of film music I composed in my schooling days - from slight little Musescore ditties to experimental sound collage.

Released July 27, 2023


  1. Heroism

  2. Danger

  3. Gunfight (From "Fights Forever")

  4. Swordfight (From "Fights Forever")

  5. Bloopers (From "Fights Forever")

  6. Scary Keys Project

  7. Edward and Mango

  8. Inspiration (From "The Musician")

  9. Perspiration (From "The Musician")

  10. Bob's Song (From "The Musician")

  11. No Exit Trailer

  12. No Exit Main Title

  13. Douglas Danger Scene

  14. The Adventures of Douglas Danger

  15. Study

  16. Film Reel 2019

  17. It's About Time

  18. The Library

  19. Intelligence

  20. Overture (From "The End")

  21. We Can Wait (From "The End")

  22. Earth (From "The End")

  23. Breathe (From "The End")

  24. The End (From "The End")

  25. Donny

  26. Cardboard Box

  27. Guernica

  28. Film Reel 2022

Songs for Emylia - The Pierce Project


The sophomore album of family band the Pierce Project. Vaguely dedicated to our newborn niece Emy Grace.

Released August 23, 2020


  1. Hi Emylia

  2. Oh Banana

  3. Good Morning

  4. Vanilla Parfait

  5. Brainwave Shutdown

  6. Two Tickets

  7. P.S.

  8. Love

  9. Tenderness

  10. Old Piano

  11. In a Memory

  12. No More

The Last Days of Summer - The Pierce Project


The double album debut of the Pierce Project, a family band consisting of me, my brothers Luke and Nick, and our father Joseph. Started as a fun little "write a whole album in one day" game...swiftly got out of hand.

Released August 13, 2019


  1. Welcome to the Lake

  2. You and Me

  3. I Compared It to Avatar

  4. Her Love

  5. I Had a Girl

  6. And It's You

  7. Rolling Down the Stairs

  8. Cigarettes and Bourbon

  9. Cry Me a River

  10. Going Back

  11. Along About

  12. Without a Fight

  13. Cinderella

  14. Wasting My Time

  15. What Else Can I Do

  16. I'm Not the One

  17. I'm Still Wating

  18. Time is Absurd (Favorite Song)

  19. And I Live in Japan

  20. Day One

  21. In the Night

  22. The Last Day of Summer

  23. You're Gone

  24. Some Things Remain

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