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Jimmy Pierce Film Reel 2022

Mish-mash of all the short films I ever made.

The End

When a father and son lose power to their spaceship, they must confront the possibility that this is the end.


A brief meditation on loneliness.


An artificial intelligence pleads with its creator for its right to live.

The Library

Visiting a library of painful memories in a dream.

It's About Time

Tick tock goes the clock.

Jimmy Pierce Film Reel 2019

This video somehow got me into USC. Make of that what you will.


A young man tries to study for an upcoming test. He finds this very difficult.

Young Composers

Three young aspiring composers talk about their inspirations, their dreams, and their work.

The Adventures of Douglas Danger

A writer is having trouble getting his book together. It doesn't help that he's constantly berated by his main character. But everything changes when he meets a girl.

No Exit

Three college students with dark secrets find themselves trapped in a mysterious classroom.

The Musician

The mental journey of a young musician from inspiration to finished song.

The Whiteboard

Life. Death. Whiteboards.

Edward and Mango

A tragic love, a toxic relationship, and a terrifying darkness without.


Is it a yo-yo? No no! It's kendama, the latest skillful craze capturing the hearts of college students everywhere.

Scary Keys Project

A woman tries to unlock her apartment while pursued by a sinister individual.

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