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About Me

Jimmy Pierce

I'm the oldest of five siblings from Destin, Florida. Growing up, when we weren't playing, fighting or getting into trouble, I would frequently be forcing my poor siblings to star in home movies and other creative endeavors. (NOTE: this would often lead directly to fighting or getting into trouble.) I spent my entire childhood directing movies, writing books, drawing comics, recording songs, designing imaginary video games...basically if I enjoyed any form of media, I was compelled to create my own. After abandoning the insufficiently fun Pre-Law track halfway through the University of Alabama in favor of a film degree, I somehow managed to bamboozle my way into the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, suddenly pursuing my ill-advised creative ambitions at the highest level. Unfortunately, Covid took most of that experience online to the Zoom world, but it was still a very valuable education.

Now freshly graduated and terrifyingly indebted, I'm living and working in Los Angeles, taking a wide variety of background, acting, film production and other miscellaneous jobs to pay the bills while I'm hard at work developing my Champions trading card game and accompanying Red Guy Blue Guy graphic novel. Also, I'm working on an album, as ever. Before the year is out, I hope to finish and start selling the first set of my card game, and hopefully grow that business into something profitable. I'm also chomping at the bit to break into a career in animation, game design or writing by any means if you're reading this, please feel free to hire me! What could possibly go wrong?

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